Shake It Review

Shake It Banana E-Liquid Review

For this week’s e-liquid review, we are taking a stroll down memory lane. For many, powdered milkshakes were a staple of our childhood and so we decided to give the Nesquik inspired vape juice range a try. Read on for a taste of nostalgia with our Shake It Banana e-liquid review.

Shake It Banana E-Liquid Review

Shake It offers four milkshake flavours, but for this review, I had to go with a classic. I mixed a Shake It Banana 100ml short fill with a 3mg Nic Shot, and filled my new Gotek X. 

I was expecting an intense flavour, quite like the DNA Vapes Strawberry Banana e-liquid that I always thought tasted similar to a Yazoo milkshake. Shake It Banana has a mild flavour, but it is moorish. The sweet and creamy flavour coats the tongue and leaves a pleasant aftertaste just like what you would expect after drinking a milkshake. Ultimately, I found it light and refreshing. I think the fact that it wasn’t intense or overpowering is what kept me craving another pull. 

Since trying the flavour, it has become one of my go to liquids. I paired it with a glass of cold milk. Honestly, if I hadn’t known any better, I would have mistaken it for a real banana milkshake. I think the choice of device made the experience even more enjoyable as I tried it with both the Aspire Gotek X and the OXVA Xlim SQ, both of which have excellent flavour delivery. I was genuinely surprised by how accurate it was. Although the Xlim pods do take a bit of faffing to refill as the e-liquid is quite thick and it can take a minute to filter to the other side of the coil.

I will definitely continue to use this e-liquid and I am looking forward to testing the rest of the Shake It flavours. I would highly recommend trying this Nesquik-inspired vape juice for yourself. It is perfect for anyone who loves a banana milkshake and it is a great way to reminisce.

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