Vape Kits

Types of Vape Kits

If you’re new to the whole vaping thing you might find it confusing with the different types and styles there are even the more advanced and experienced vapers find it confusing at times here will explain the differences between each one and hope this helps you understand the type of vape you need.

The pod style.

The pod kit is a lightweight, pocket friendly device which can use either pre-filled or refillable pods in place of a standard vape tank depending on the device Pre-filled pods generally contain a high-nicotine or nicotine salt e-liquid, making them a great choice for anyone looking to quit smoking. There is the added benefit that most of this type have no buttons to click or settings to change, often no coils to change either; they generally run at a low power so are ideal for the new vaper just starting out and anyone wanting a low power.

The Mouth to lung style

Mouth to Lung often referred to as MTL is the vaping style that most closely replicates smoking.

Most newcomers to vaping that are switching from smoking will start by using this style of vaping as it feels the most natural way for smokers, gives off much less vapor then starter kits , have fantastic battery life and is easy to use.


This style of vaping, also known as sub ohm normally uses lower ohm coils giving a more dense cloud production and can be a little overwhelming for new users therefore normally used by the more experienced vapour. This type of kit is more expensive and can have either built in batteries or more commonly batteries you can swap out the devices usually many different settings to help you get the type of vape and taste your wanting.