DNA Vapes Mango Ice Review

Our deep dive into the DNA Vapes e-liquid flavours continues with another juicy review for you to sink your teeth into. For this week’s instalment, Carl, our lead web developer, has returned with a DNA Vapes Mango Ice review.

DNA Vapes Mango Ice Review

If I’m honest, DNA Vapes Mango Ice is the flavour I have been most excited to try. I knew instantly that I was going to enjoy it. While e-liquids inspired by winter fruits are always great, the more exotic fruits feel like a rare and juicy treat. They tend to carry so much flavour without the overpowering sweetness that can come with berry flavoured e-liquids.

As usual, I grabbed a 100ml shortfill of Mango Ice. I used my OXVA Xlim Pod Kit for this one, but I’m sure it would work great with any device. I filled the tank and took my first inhale…

And suddenly I was transported to a beach in the tropics; sunglasses on, cocktail in hand… all I had to do was close my eyes and I could picture it vividly. DNA Vapes Mango Ice produced a flavour that exactly mimicked the sweet, succulent taste of fresh mango. Just like taking a gulp of a mango smoothie, the flavour was intense and the icy sensation hits the back of your throat. It is as refreshing as a cold drink on a hot summer day.

The mellow aftertaste it leaves on your tongue has your mouth watering, demanding yet another hit. It wasn’t long before I needed a refill.

I loved everything from the juicy flavour, to the lovely, icy kick and the pleasant aftertaste. I will definitely be buying this flavour again, and I would recommend giving it a go. So, if you’re dying for a holiday in the sun, DNA Mango Ice e-liquid might just be the next best thing.

Try DNA Vapes Mango Ice E-Liquid For Yourself

If this sounds like the flavour for you, buy your very own DNA Vapes Mango Ice here on the SMKD website or in our stores. Don’t forget to try out the rest of our DNA Vapes flavours. Available in both 100 ml shortfills and 10 ml nic salts, you can choose any 3 for £30.

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