Disposable Vapes



If you want to stop smoking cigarettes but don’t like having to carry mod devices and liquids around then don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect device for you! Have you ever heard of a disposable?

A disposable vape is a small non-rechargeable device that is already filled with e-liquid. Perfect to stop smoking and easy to use. They come in a ready to use condition as they’re precharged and filled with 20mg nic salt to give you a smooth and consistent taste. These devices are very convenient as they’re small , lightweight, compact and leave no lingering smells of tobacco so you can carry them around and vape whenever and wherever.

A disposable does not need charging , coil & settings changing , so they will make vaping easier. You take it out the packet , put it to your lips and simply drag. These devices are designed to give you up to 600 puffs and once they’re finished, you throw them away. You do not need to carry anything else around other than the device so this is a very good alternative to smoking cigarettes.

We sell the best disposables on the market. You can choose between the likes of Geekbar , elf bar , Elux and many more brands which provide disposables in a variety of different flavours other than basic tobacco. All you need to do it find a flavour that will suit you.