The all new Aspire One Up R1 Disposable Vape is an innovative device, designed to be more cost effective and environmentally friendly than existing disposables. When we managed to get our hands on one, we just had to see whether it lived up to our expectations. Read on to see our thoughts in our Aspire One Up R1 Disposable Vape Review.

Aspire One Up R1 Disposable Vape Review

Look and Feel

The Aspire One Up R1 is a really simple device. It isn’t a premium product, so I wasn’t expecting much from its appearance, but I was impressed. The device has a cylindrical shape, about the width of my palm, making it fit comfortably in my hand. Grooves around the circumference make the R1 easy to grip, which is great for anyone with a habit of dropping their vape. Not only is it comfortable to hold, but the flat panels on the front and back allow the user to set it down on a flat surface without it rolling, and the base is wide enough that standing it upright is just as convenient. 

There are five colours available. For this review, I used the white, but if I were to choose, I’d probably go with the black. I thought the black blended better with the tank giving it an overall more sophisticated look.

Overall, I did think the Aspire One Up R1 had a pretty plain appearance, but definitely decent for the price. I liked how discrete and portable it was.


What I like about the Aspire One UP R1 is that it’s a really simple device to use, and I think it’s perfect for people who want to make the transition from disposable vapes to reusable vape kits, but are not quite sure where to start.

The R1 is low maintenance. To refill it, there is a rubber bung on the side of the tank that you open. I actually found that the rubber bung was bigger than on most kits I’ve tried, making it a lot easier to get a grip on to remove it. You can refill the disposable as many times as you want until the coil runs out, so there are no coil swaps to deal with. I have refilled mine at least eight times now and the coil hasn’t burned out yet. I do tend to use the battery up in about half a day, but it is meant for people who use disposables, and the battery life does match them fairly well.

There are no buttons on the Aspire One Up R1. It is an autodraw device and using it couldn’t be more simple.


I was surprised by how accurate the flavour was. For the price, it is actually true to the flavour of the e-liquid. The flavour production matched up to more advanced pod kits, such as the OXVA Xlim, which is one of my favourite devices for flavour.

Final Verdict

I genuinely enjoyed using the Aspire One Up R1, but what I like most about it is that it offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable vapes. This is an ideal device for vapers looking to make the transition from disposables to refillable vape kits, or just anybody who enjoys disposable vapes and wants to save a bit of money with a more sustainable product.

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