Aspire GoTek X Review

The all new Aspire GoTek X Kit has just been released and is now available for purchase.

We were lucky enough to receive one to test to give you our honest opinion on Aspire’s latest pod kit. To find out whether this device is for you, read our Aspire GoTek X Review below.

Aspire GoTek X Review

Look and Feel

Initially I was impressed by the look of the device. Aspire managed to make an affordable design appear more high end. The translucent colours are at the same time modern and subtle. I think it is the simplicity of its appearance that makes the GoTek X so attractive. It looks clean and smart rather than cluttered. The one thing that does not fit with the design, is the lanyard clip. The clip is already attached to the device rather than coming separately and, with some of the colours, it can look tacky. However, the fact that it came with the option to attach a lanyard was nice. It makes the GoTek X more easily portable.

While the Aspire GoTek X comes in five translucent colours, I sampled the transparent one. However, I did prefer the look of the Translucent Blue as it highlights the body work a lot better. The Translucent Black colour is also quite sophisticated and I think the lanyard clip blends better.


The GoTek X was a really easy pod to use. It is a mouth to lung device with inhale activation, meaning there are no buttons to deal with. A slider on the bottom of the pod controls the airflow. Although the slider is a little stiff. So, it is pretty much all or nothing. The wattage cannot be controlled, but the range is between 13W and 16W. 

There weren’t many features, but I found that they weren’t necessary anyway. The wattage didn’t need to be adjusted and I just left the airflow open. On the first inhale, I was already impressed. According to Aspire, the battery should last up to two days. I am an avid vaper and usually my devices only last for about a day before needing recharged. However, the GoTek X is still on the go after a full day. I’m sure for someone who vapes less frequently, the pod would last for the full two days.

I had no bother refilling the GoTek X or swapping the coils. To refill, you just remove the pod and open the rubber bung. It was a simple, mess-free process. The rubber bung was larger than on some pod systems, making it easier to get a grasp on. There was plenty of room to manoeuvre. Swapping the coils was just as straightforward. I only had to replace the 0.8 ohm pod. Overall, the Aspire GoTek X was easy to use and I was happy with the results. 


I wasn’t just impressed with how easy the device was to use. The flavour produced by the GoTek X was spot on. Not only was it true to the taste of the e-liquid, it was actually really smooth. I usually vape nicotine with a strength of 3mg because I’ve found higher strengths to be too harsh. With the GoTek X, I used 6mg and, with how smooth it was, I could have sworn it was 3mg. 

Final Verdict

All in all, I really enjoyed using the Aspire GoTek X. I think it would be perfect for vapers of any experience level, and ideal for anyone who prefers freebase nicotine, but wants a higher strength with a smoother throat hit. 

Try It For Yourself!

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