5 More Myths About Vaping Busted

5 More Myths About Vaping: Busted

The conversation around electronic cigarettes continues to spark debate, fuelled by misunderstandings and myths about vaping.

Whilst we’ve previously debunked some common myths about vaping, it’s time to address a few more. As before, we emphasise that vaping should be considered primarily as an alternative to traditional smoking for adults looking to quit.

Myth 1: Vapes are Not Regulated and We Don’t Know What’s In Them


Contrary to the belief that vaping products are an unregulated Wild West, in the UK, these products undergo stringent regulation for safety and quality. All vaping products for sale must be notified to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), complete with a comprehensive list of all ingredients.

Information: To ensure you’re getting a regulated product, purchase from a reputable supplier such as a specialist vape shop, pharmacy, supermarket, or a UK-based online retailer.

Myth 2: Vaping Causes ‘Popcorn Lung’


The fear that vaping could cause “popcorn lung” (bronchiolitis obliterans) is unfounded. This rare disease got its nickname from a group of factory workers exposed to diacetyl, a chemical used in popcorn flavouring. While diacetyl is indeed found in cigarette smoke, it is explicitly banned as an ingredient in UK-regulated nicotine vapes and e-liquids.

Myth 3: Exposure to Vape Aerosol is Harmful to People Around You


Thus far, there’s no scientific evidence indicating that second-hand vape aerosol is harmful. While the risks of second-hand cigarette smoke are well-documented, the same can’t be said for vaping. Nonetheless, it’s advised to exercise caution and not to vape near children, who might mimic adult behaviour. Be considerate when vaping around others, particularly those with health conditions like asthma, who might be more sensitive to the aerosol.

Myth 4: A Disposable Vape Can Deliver as Much Nicotine as 40 or 50 Cigarettes


Some claims exaggerate the amount of nicotine delivered by disposable vapes. A standard UK-regulated disposable vape with the maximum legal nicotine level of 20mg/ml will contain 2ml of liquid. This equates to 40mg of nicotine. In comparison, a pack of 20 cigarettes contains between 200 to 300mg of nicotine but delivers an average of 20 to 30mg to the smoker.

Myth 5: Vaping is More Expensive Than Smoking


This is a misconception often cited to discourage the switch to vaping. In reality, while the initial cost of a vape kit may seem high, the ongoing expenses are generally lower than continuously buying packs of cigarettes. Over the long term, many vapers find that they save money compared to their previous smoking habits.

Need Advice About Vaping?

It’s crucial to remain informed and rely on credible research and healthcare professionals for accurate information on vaping. While not risk-free, for adult smokers trying to quit, vaping can offer a less harmful alternative.

We at SMKD continue to support the British public in transitioning to a smoke-free life. If you have questions about vaping, e-liquids, or any aspect of a smoke-free lifestyle, we’re here to help.

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Armed with facts, you can make more informed choices. So let’s continue to clear the air and focus on accurate information rather than perpetuating myths.