10ml E-liquid Nic Salts – 3 for £12

What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine salts (Nic salts, Salts) since 2015 have been the up and coming choice of nicotine for users of low powered mouth to lung devices (MTL) trying to quit smoking. It is a naturally occurring form of nicotine which is found in the leaves of the tobacco plant. How it works is, unlike your usual form of nicotine known as freebase that has a high alkalinity level resulting in that harsh throat hit, they add food grade benzoic acid or salicylic acid to the e-liquid that lowers the overall PH level leading to a boost the flavour you receive and in the vapour delivering a smoother more satisfying throat hit allowing you to vape at a stronger strength if required

Some other key features of nicotine salts are, it allows the nicotine to enter your bloodstream more efficiently to mimic a result closest to that of smoking an actual cigarette. It also allows the nicotine to stay in your system for a longer period of time than that of its conventional freebase counterpart resulting in the consumer being able to go for longer periods of time between vapes to fulfil their needs without having to convert back over to cigarettes.

When vaping nicotine salts in the higher strengths it is not recommended to use in a direct to lung (DTL) sub-ohm device due to the amount of power the device is outputting. This will cause you to absorb too much nicotine too quickly into your body which can then lead to mild headaches and feeling nauseous for upto a couple of hours after use, often known to vapers as feeling nicky-sick.


In the end nicotine salts are a fantastic choice for anyone who has recently kicked the habit and even existing smokers looking to stop. There is a vast range of flavours available in (generally) 10mg or 20mg to suit everyone’s preferred taste