Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank


Aspire Nautilus Mini

The Aspire Nautilus Mini has taken the e cigarette industry by storm. It uses the latest technologies, bringing our customers the next generation of systems. It is probably one of the best products in the e cigarette industry right now as it uses BVC coil technology. BVC coil technology stands for bottom vertical coil, which means it does not have typical rope that you would expect from a stock coil. The Aspire Nautilus Mini has a new coil that provides intense flavour and huge vapour clouds. The design of the new model means it is more stable and longer lasting than the previous version.

The redesign means it has an improved airflow control system which works perfectly on a MOD or eGo style battery. The Nautilus holds 2ml of e liquid, which is more than adequate for the average user and should last more than one day for the everyday user. The Aspire Nautilus Mini is not only function, but it also extremely easy to use and simple to get going. The design looks aesthetically pleasing, stylish in design and is extremely durable. The Aspire Nautilus Mini is a must for anyone serious about e cigarettes.


  • Mini BVC technology coils.
  • Improves e liquid flavour.
  • Provides huge vapour clouds.
  • Looks awesome on MODS or eGo style batteries.
  • Improved Airflow control.
  • Holds 2ml of e liquid.

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