Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank


Presenting the all new Aspire Nautilus 2S the ultimate mouth to lung tank / hybrid.

The Nautilus 2 is for many their go to tank for standard mouth to lung vaping. Flavour and vapor production were a particular high point of that tank. We believe with the Nautilus 2S Aspire have addressed the bad points fed back to them rather than inventing something which already performed well. So with that lets take a look at what options we have and what is new.

The Nautilus 2S is compatible with all Nautilus coils including the 1.6ohm, 1.8ohm, 0.7ohm and the New Nic Salt BVC

The Nautilus 2S also contains a specific MTL drip tip designed to deliver maximum comfort, flavour and feel like true MTL vaping. The extra long drip tip may seem slightly odd to look at but in everyday use it is perfect for Mouth to Lung vaping.

Whilst some will see the Nautilus 2S as evolution, others will say this is what the original Nautilus 2 should have been. Either way it is geared up to be the choice of many MTL vapers in the UK due to the fact the Nautilus BVC coils are still regarded as number 1 in this area of vaping. With the niggles of the original fixed we can see many users wanting to add the Nautilus 2S to their collection and many existing Nautilus 2 owners upgrading to take full advantage of the new features.

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